WhichCar Weekly

The cars we would buy and the cars we own

May 29, 2020

The WhichCar Weekly team virtually reassembles with returning guest Chris along with the decision that, as far as probability is concerned, the Motor magazine digital editor is now a regular. Following a recent article by Motor, Andy, Chris and Dan enter another round of ‘WhichCar would you buy with your own cash’ this time adding in a new level of complexity. The trio thrash out their decisions of what to put in the garage if it had to be your only car, along with the notable selections from other members of the WhichCar motoring team. Dan also defends his entry for the up to $40,000 category and offers an alternative because it was stupid. Andy has a rare moment of sensibility but in some of his new-car wish-list choices, and Chris proves that he is very much the driving enthusiast that’s willing to sacrifice comfort and practicality for his passion. Later, the team turns the conversation to their own personal cars. With covid restrictions preventing many day-to-day functions of road testing and press car movements, the team has been spending more time in their respective machines. Find out what the WCW team drive when they don’t have a major manufacturer to sponge off and what the return to some older models means to people who are more than accustomed to driving new cars week-in, week-out.

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